Thursday, December 06, 2007

Buying a Refurbished Laptop

If you want to get a cheap laptop, it is a good idea to purchase a refurbished one. Many people don’t know, but the majority of the refurbished laptops work even better than the new ones because of the intensive testing they go through. Buying a refurbished notebook can save you hundreds of dollars.

These are usually laptops that have been returned by customers. In most of the cases, they are returned for no reason. (they don’t like it, they don’t want to have it.) Sometimes they are returned because of hardware issues. In this case, the manufacturer replaces the problematic parts with new ones, fixes all the other issues and puts the laptop through intensive testing. If they pass all the tests, they are ready to be sold. Since they are not brand new anymore, he can not sell them as new laptops, only as refurbished or reconditioned ones. That also means that these refurbished notebooks can not be sold for the same price. Since they are pre-owned, the price automatically drops by up to 30%. On a thousand dollar machine, that means saving three hundred dollars.

So if you are considering buying a new laptop, go with the refurbished ones. They are usually in great condition, sometimes even unused. (especially the newer models). Sometimes they even come with the manufacturers warranty, giving you peace of mind, no matter what happens to your refurbished notebook.

When you want to get a refurbished laptop you have to do a little research. Go visit websites with extensive reviews of notebook computers. Decide which one you like the most and go look for the model on the Web. You will see right away how much the retail prices are for the new ones. Then look around for a reliable refurbished laptop wholesaler. Compare their prices to the new ones’ and see for yourself how much money you can really save.

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