Monday, December 10, 2007

HP COMPAQ NX9010 Review

HP Compaq NX9010 is a highly configurable and pleasant-to-use bargain notebook, that is a good choice for businesses on a budget. HP Compaq NX9010 features a fast Intel Pentium 4 processor, comfortable keyboard and pointer controls, and an attractive stylish design.

It helps you achieve your business goals through cutting edge and powerful proven notebook technology, available wireless capability and reliability all combined at an affordable price.

This laptop packs the features necessary for productivity in a cheap, convenient all-in-one design: powerful Intel processors, large capacity hard drives, large expandable memory, available wireless capabilities and modem/Ethernet communications.

The strong foundation of industry technology that the nx9010 is built on, performance, ease of use and affordable price make it a solution that businesses can grow on. This highly configurable and pleasant-to-use HP notebook is an excellent choice for any business on a budget.

The HP Compaq NX9010 USAnotebook offers, features a blazing-fast Intel Pentium-4 M 3.06Ghz processor, an ATI Mobility Radeon video chipset with AGP 4x and 3D Architecture, a CDRW/DVD combo drive, upgredable 512 System Memory, 40 GB Hard drive and built in Wireless capability. It also comes with a floppy drive, preinstalled Windows XP operating system and USAnotebook's 6 month warranty for technical support.

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