Thursday, December 13, 2007

IBM ThinkPad R32 Review

IBM ThinkPad R32 is a bargain all-in-one integrated laptop, ideal for individuals needing powerful processing performance in a lightweight innovative design to perform all their computing tasks.

The R32s deliver performance in their thin and light notebook design with longer battery life, enhanced security and compatibility with the latest wireless and graphics technologies of today and tomorrow.

The IBM R32 is a distinctive portable laptop with extraordinary capabilities. It has a durable design that withstands even the most rigorous mobile environment. The R32 IBM laptops also feature blazingly fast processors that bring raw processing power for all your performance-hungry applications.

The IBM ThinkPad R32 laptop's Pentium 4-M chip is a great battery saver, so it doesn't compromise its great speed for battery life. You can stretch that life even more by exchanging the notebook's optical drive for an optional second battery. The touchpad includes an internet scroll key for your convenience. The high CPU, memory, and hard drive only add to the vast ease and computing of this high-grade laptop.

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