Thursday, December 13, 2007

IBM ThinkPad A22 Review

IBM ThinkPad A22 laptop is an all-in-one, affordable desktop replacement notebook. It features superior performance, a comfortable keyboard, high-performance graphics capabilities, all packed in a desirably stylish, yet extremely durable design.

IBM A22 is a smart choice as a portable entertainment machine or as a substitute for a desktop system. This notebook is truly a strong all-around performer. As all IBMs, this A22 laptop computer is very solid, durable machine, so great majority of refurbished items (even those 5 years old) are in very good condition. It belongs to IBM's ThinkPad A-series, which offers an appealing set of components at a reasonably cheap price.

This sleek IBM notebook computer is optimized for connectivity and ease of use. The economical A22 notebook is ideal for small businesses as well as large enterprises, with its top-quality performance and function. If you are looking for a low-cost, power-packed desktop alternative with large display, the ThinkPad A22 laptop is your choice.

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