Thursday, December 13, 2007

IBM ThinkPad A31 Review

IBM ThinkPad A31 laptop is a full-featured, versatile computer, designed for those users, who want a desktop replacement unit, that doesn’t sacrifice on performance. It offers innovative technology, top graphic capabilities in a light, yet durable design.

The A31 combines mobility of a ThinkPad notebook with the power of a workstation - giving users high-speed graphical performance with different security and manageability capabilities. The A31 is one of the most fully featured mobile workstations on the market. It has all the latest tools and features that are available to notebook manufacturers. The IBM ThinkPad A31 is a desktop-replacement notebook and offers an elegant combination of innovative design, solid construction, and a unique feature set.

The IBM ThinkPad A31 laptop computer is an innovative desktop substitute with the advantage of integrated communications. With the ThinkPad A31, you can freely swap optical devices, mass storage drives, diskette drives, or a second battery. This machine has an ideal CPU for any average user, complete with high memory and hard drive.

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